a wind park on the sea from Aquila Capital
Wind energy
Scalable investments with low levelized cost of energy at quality sites
Susanne Wermter Aquila Capital team member
Susanne Wermter
CEO, Aquila Clean Energy EMEA

Aquila Capital Team Andre Wojtek
Andrew Wojtek
Head Investment

5.2 bn EUR
transaction volume
2,770 MW
capacity installed and under development
wind turbines
1,116,700 t
CO2-avoidance in 2021*
as at: 30.09.2022


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Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires 24 MW operating Swedish wind farm for a Swiss investment foundation

Aquila Capital, the sustainable investment management and asset development company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has advised a Swiss investment…

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Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires two onshore wind parks with 53 MW capacity in Northern Finland

15/08/2019 - Aquila Capital is expanding its position in the Finnish wind energy market by acquiring two operational onshore wind projects north of…

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital enters Finnish wind energy market with 14.4 MW project

19/06/2018 - Aquila Capital enters Finnish wind energy market with 14.4 MW project. The wind farm has four Nordex N131 turbines with a capacity of 3.6…

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires one of the biggest wind projects in Europe

18/12/2017 - The project will consist of 85 V136 4.2 MW Vestas turbines and thus have an installed capacity of 357 MW with an energy output of more…

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires Danish wind farm

24/08/2017 - Aquila Capital has acquired a wind energy project in Denmark near Kappel on Lolland with an installed capacity of over 25 MW.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital expands the capacity of wind farm in Norway by 40 MW

18/07/2017 - Eleven Nordex N117 turbines are to be installed, each of which has a 3.6 MW-rated output.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital expands Nordic portfolio with acquisition of wind project in Finland

08/03/2017 - The acquisition increases Aquila Capital’s track record in the wind sector to about 1,000 MW.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires another large wind project in Sweden

23/11/2016 - The wind farm with 18 Vestas turbines will produce about 244 GWh electricity on a yearly basis.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires 148 MW Lehtirova wind farm in Scandinavia

14/10/2016 - Aquila Capital acquires 148 MW Lehtirova wind farm in Scandinavia.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires two German wind parks

14/09/2016 - Aquila Capital today announces that it acquired two operational wind parks in Germany.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital acquires majority stake in Norway’s largest wind park

30/12/2015 - Installed capacity of 110 MW and extension permit of 40 MW.

Windräder zum Erzeugen von Windenergie
Wind Energy

Aquila Capital and ewz co-invest in Swedish 60 MW wind park

20/01/2015 - Four wind parks with an installed capacity of around 60 MW.

Invest in wind energy with one of the most experienced wind energy investors in Europe

Svensk Windenergi Logo

As a technologically mature and efficient energy source, wind energy is a central component of the global energy transition. We have been successfully investing in the wind energy sector since 2009 and have a long and extensive track record. Our current portfolio includes some of the largest wind farms in Europe: in 2018, Aquila Capital was also awarded the Swedish Renewable Energy Award 2018 as a role model in the drive of the energy transition.

Press release

Investors can benefit from Aquila Capital's expertise when investing in balanced portfolios that are diversified across regions and locations, asset sizes, remuneration schemes and technical capacities. Additional security can be achieved through investments in complementary energy technologies such as solar power or hydropower.


Our specialised expert team has excellent market knowledge and extensive investment experience in the wind energy sector. The investment team is supported by a dedicated asset management team. Our local presence offers our experts the opportunity to actively manage investment our projects. Complementary to Aquila Capital's active asset management approach, the Merchant Market Desk pursues a similar strategy in developing market pricing strategies and structuring power purchase agreements (PPAs).

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Ninetynine Seconds
On-Site Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Logistical Challenges in High Terrain

Johannes Wurr, Asset Manager Energy & Infrastructure at Aquila Capital, explains about the logistical challenges of a wind farm construction in high terrain. Johannes is on one of our construction sites in Norway where he is in charge of overviewing the installation of wind energy turbines. Due to the hilly terrain and the extraordinary size of this wind farm, the logistics related to transportation and installation of main turbine components define a critical phase for the whole project.

On-Site Asset Management

Wind Energy

Ninetynine Seconds - Annual inspections of a windfarm

Melanie Schaub, Asset Manager Wind, explains the key criteria she takes into account when visiting Aquila Capital’s wind farms in the middle of Denmark for an annual inspection. Aquila Capital’s dedicated asset management team closely inspects the turbines and the local conditions of its wind farms on a regular basis in order to ensure a stable and long-term performance of the asset for the investors.

On-Site Asset Management

Wind Energy

Ninetynine Seconds - Technical takeover of a wind park

Several contractors are involved in the technical takeover of a completed wind farm. As asset manager, Aquila Capital coordinates the entire cooperation between all parties involved. Melanie Schaub explains how a punctual and smooth takeover of a wind farm can be ensured.

Clean Energy

Power Purchase Agreements

Ninetynine Seconds - Joakim Johnsen on Power Purchase Agreements

Joakim Johnsen, Head of Merchant Market Desk at Aquila Capital, explains about the use of PPAs for renewable energy. He is observing a significant growth of PPAs in the European markets largely due to decreasing costs of renewable energy generation, phasing out of feed-in-tariffs as well as growing corporate demand for green energy. 

On-Site Project Controlling
Mitarbeiterin vor Ort bei einem Projekt

Wind Energy

Ninetynine seconds – on site: monitoring our assets during construction phase

The main tasks of Aquila Capital’s project management include the controlling of the revenue and liquidity planning of the asset, as well as the monitoring of the construction schedule and construction budget. Kerstin Fick shows you the construction on site.

Renewable Energies

Solar PV

Ninetynine seconds - Asset Management Optimisation Renewables

Asset Management Optimisation refers to the intelligent collection, analysis and use of data and information that arise when operating on renewable energy systems. From this, optimisation measures are developed.

On-Site Wind energy

Wind Energy

Ninetynine seconds - on-site: gearbox change of a wind turbine

Asset management in real assets also means to closely control and monitor the asset. And then to take action when repairs or changes must be made - as at this wind turbine in Pinnow.

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