White papers
Peter Schnellhammer
Our white papers summarise our expertise and experience to provide insights on current investment topics, new markets, and long-term investment themes in real assets - for more informed decision making.
Race to net zero - combining the good with the useful Download
Data Centres – Management Summary Download
Data Centres: Real estate, infrastructure or tech? Does it matter? Download
Asia-Pacific: Investments in renewable energy - The time is now Download
2020 / Green Logistics
Part 3: Trends in Logistics – Transformation / Potential / Sustainability Download
2020 / Infrastructure
Infrastructure Investments – Realising Advantages through Multi-Manager Solutions Download
2020 / Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficinecy - The First Fuel Download
2020 / AT A GLANCE
AT A GLANCE Residential: COVID-19 and implications for residential real estate Spain – some first observations Download
2020 / AT A GLANCE
AT A GLANCE The COVID-19 outbreak and implications for logistics real estate – some observations Download
2020 / Green Logistics
Part 1: European Logistics Real Estate Market – From a Niche to an Institutional Asset Class Download
2020 / Green Logistics
Part 2: Southern European Logistics Real Estate Market – Dynamic and Catch-Up Effects Download
2019 / PPAs
Power Purchase Agreements - A european outlook Download
2019 / Hydropower
Technical characteristics of a hydropower plant Download
2019 / Hydropower
The increasing importance of hydropower Download
2018 / Green Logistics
Logistics investments in Spain, Italy and Portugal Download
2018 / Real Assets
Renewable Energy Investments – Why asset management optimization matters Download
2018 / Real Assets
Insights: charging ahead - Renewables coupled with storage Download
2015 / Real Assets
Real Assets – The new mainstream Download
2015 / Hydropower
Real Assets – Hydropower investements Download