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Who we are
Highly specialised experts for sustainable performance

Aquila Capital - the alternative investment manager

established in Hamburg
12.5bn EUR
employees worldwide
international locations
10.7 GW
as at: 31.12.2020
18 TWh
green energy produced
households supplied
wind turbines in portfolio
solar pv parks in portfolio
hydropower plants in portfolio
as at: 31.12.2020

Aquila Group is a leading investment manager in real asset solutions. Its sustainable investment strategy focuses on investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, infrastructure, residential real estate, green logistics as well as timber and agriculture. Founded in 2001 by Dieter Rentsch and Roman Rosslenbroich as one of the first German alternative investment firms, Aquila Group currently manages EUR 12.5 billion for institutional investors worldwide (as at 31.12.2020).

Over the last decade, Aquila Group has built a truly pan-European asset portfolio with investments in the renewable energy sector amounting to a total capacity of 10.7 GW and over 2 million square meters of sustainable real estate and green logistics projects completed or under development.

As a responsible investor, Aquila Group is committed to contributing to the European energy transition through the financing of sustainable investments and by providing investment solutions that reduce carbon emissions. To this end, Aquila Group has also founded KlimaInvest Green Concepts, the leading German energy and climate protection agency.

To create value for its investors, Aquila Group employs a fully integrated investment and asset management approach and integrates ESG criteria throughout the entire investment process. Aquila Group’s dedicated expert investment teams draw on their sector networks and experience to screen, develop, finance, manage and operate investments along the entire value chain. As this concept requires local management teams, Aquila Group is represented with 14 investment offices in 12 countries.

Aquila Group’s two AIFMs in Luxembourg and Germany are subject to the highest European regulatory standards, ensuring comprehensive service and security for Aquila Group’s investors and business partners.

Aquila Capital and Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure – a strong partnership

Aquila Capital entered into a strategic partnership with Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (Daiwa) in December 2019. The cooperation strengthens Aquila Capital's position in the European market for tangible asset investments and opens up further attractive investment opportunities for investors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Focus on alternative assets

We focus on alternative investment solutions with long-term stable returns through the range of services we offer. Investments are made in sustainable and efficient projects from the following areas:

  • Renewable energies (wind energy, hydropower, solar pv)
  • Residential
  • Green logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Forestry and agriculture

Aquila Capital promptly offers investors specially selected asset value concepts. The entrepreneurial teams identify, develop, finance, manage and conduct all investments along the entire value chain using their extensive industry networks. This naturally requires a local presence. Aquila Capital is now represented in 12 countries with a total of 14 offices and employs around 350 people.

Companies in the Aquila Group

In addition to the independently operating divisions Aquila Capital, headquartered in Hamburg, and Alceda Fund Management, based in Luxembourg, the Aquila Group also includes the leading German energy and climate protection agency KlimaInvest Green Concepts. Because just as important as good risk management, clear operational infrastructures and high transparency are, resolute corporate governance is also indispensable for Aquila Capital: both AIFMs in Luxembourg and Germany are therefore subject to the strictest European guidelines. This guarantees investors and partners not only the greatest possible protection but also the best service. The Aquila business model is based on a passion for material assets, attention to detail and lived ESG – in line with the motto: strive to be better every day!


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