birds eye view of residential real estate for investments
Residential areas in attractive locations
of wich 2,500
affordable housing
projects in portfolio
as at: 31.12.2023


In-demand properties

We specialise in identifying attractive markets and investment opportunities early on and exploiting them profitably. The Spanish economy is currently growing at a much faster pace than the average level in Europe. At the same time, the supply of modern living space in prime locations is limited. Due to the high and steadily increasing demand for residential space, the Spanish Real Estate sector currently offers an interesting investment environment.

Metropolitan regions are seeing a high demand for living space: with relatively low purchase prices compared to European standards. Thanks to our partner company AQ Acentor, we have direct access to the local market and can offer investors profitable opportunities that promise above-average sales expectations and good profit prospects. We also make sure that our target investments meet extensive location criteria: such as a very well developed infrastructure and excellent local transport connections.


AQ Acentor is currently developing and building almost 7,700 flats in four of Spain's largest cities, of which around 2,500 units are classified as affordable housing for socially disadvantaged families. In total, our real estate team has over 300 years of investment experience and has conducted a transaction volume of over EUR 1.7 billion since 2014. An efficient industry network and a specialised team on site enable efficient asset management and offer institutional investors access to a high-quality investment pipeline.

(As at 30.09.2023)

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Natalia Burgos an Villaverde Projekt
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Residential Parque Ingenieros – Aquila Capital’s first residential project in Spain

Under its sub-brand AQ Acentor, Aquila Capital is developing built-to-rent apartments in Spain. AQ Acentor’s first project, which is located in Madrid’s city district Villaverde, was finished in 2021 and is introduced by Natalia Burgos, Project Manager at AQ Acentor. The public housing project plans to attract especially younger people with its special designs, affordable prices and wide common areas.

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