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Not just a buzzword
Leonor Tomaz Belchior Aquila Capital team member
Leonor Tomaz Belchior
Human Resources Head Iberia

Sustainability is not only about treating the environment right, but also about treating our fellow human beings fairly and equitably. We believe that our diversity is an essential factor for success.
Mitarbeiterzahlen Aquila Dezember 2022

Diversity is not just a buzzword for us, we fill it with life every day. In the past five years alone, the number of Aquila Group's employees has risen from 250 to more than 650, and with it the diversity of our colleagues. About 60 per cent of them work in Germany. The rest are spread across 19 offices in 16 countries. In total, people from 60 different countries work for us and speak almost as many languages.

A high proportion of 39 percent of our employees are female. The figure for managerial positions is 29 percent - but we are aiming for a further increase here. We have a particularly high proportion of women in the 25 to 30 age group. Internationally, the highest proportion of women, 55 percent each, is in Spain and Portugal.


(as at: 31.12.2023)

Gender Equality

Aquila Capital is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and strives to make a measurable contribution to achieving gender equality by creating a fair and non-discriminatory working environment.

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