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Marc-Aurel Kaiser
Head Human Resources & Organisation
Aquila Capital Hamburg
At Aquila Capital, our employees are our most valuable asset. We are committed to helping them advance and succeed at every stage of their career.

Dedicated training & development programmes

We provide our employees with ongoing health initiatives as well as tailored training and development programmes to ensure that they have all the tools and resources necessary to reach their full potential. 

Our broad range of internal training and external development programmes include financial modelling classes, regular lecture series covering a variety of topics, language courses, individual coaching programmes, a sales academy, a tailored development programme for young and future leaders as well as numerous trainee programmes.

We invest significant time and resources in training our young and future leaders. Our Young Leaders Programme (LEAD), which is an academy using a specific mixture of business trainers and business schools, is designed to equip the next generation of leaders with the right skills to guide Aquila Group to be successful in the next decades on a sustainable basis. In the LEAD definition, leadership refers to line managers as well as project leaders, supervisory personnel and cultural ambassadors and entails both broad business knowledge as well as modern leadership development.

The Investment Trainee Programme 2020 (ITP) is a 15-months rotational programme that enables trainees to gain relevant experience in investment and asset management at Aquila Capital’s headquarters in Hamburg as well as other international locations.

Taking part in the ITP enables trainees to:

  • gain first-hand insight into Aquila Capital’s core business areas, including investment management, asset management, product structuring, valuation, risk management and investment controlling
  • develop the required skills and knowledge required in a highly dynamic and forward-thinking industry
  • go through an in-depth orientation process to establish their strengths and interests and identify their individual field of expertise
  • find support on every step of the way, developing not only technical understanding but also key competencies and interpersonal skills.

The programme will begin in October 2020. 

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