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Stable cashflows through continuous infrastructure investments
Christian Brezina Aquila Capital team member
Christian Brezina
Head Diversified Infrastructure & Multi Asset Investments
Aquila Capital Investmentgesellschaft mbH

Investments in infrastructure such as renewable energies or transport can generate continuous cashflows for investors.
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Stable cashflow through various ways

Worldwide, there is a tremendous amount of continuous infrastructure investments. This not only promotes economic growth but also increases productivity. We globally invest through institutional infrastructure funds and direct/co-investments in the sectors: transport, energy, utilities, communications as well as social infrastructure.

Infrastructure investments have a low correlation to traditional asset classes and are characterised by stable and continuous cashflows. Usually investments in infrastructure cover a wide range of sub-asset classes. Long-term supply and service relationships provide investors with attractive risk and return profiles. In addition, inflation-linked remuneration models offer the necessary protection against changes in interest rates.


We have many years of experience in the due diligence of institutional infrastructure funds and offer cost-effective global access to top infrastructure managers. Investors can participate not only in broadly diversified infrastructure portfolios but also in our entire deal flow. In addition to infrastructure transactions, we offer co-investments in the field of clean energies using a local industry network, which we built over many years. In combination, portfolios with broad diversification for continuous cashflow can be built within a short period of time.

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