Ninetynine Seconds
Short and to the point: Our experts provide insights into investment strategies, asset classes and current projects

Our video format Ninetynine Seconds features experts providing insights into investment strategies, current projects as well as special specific asset classes and ongoing asset management in short video sequences. Here you will find information about alternative investment solutions: short, concise and descriptive.

On-Site Asset Management

Wind Energy

Ninetynine Seconds - Technical takeover of a wind park

Several contractors are involved in the technical takeover of a completed wind farm. As asset manager, Aquila Capital coordinates the entire cooperation between all parties involved. Melanie Schaub explains how a punctual and smooth takeover of a wind farm can be ensured.

Social Responsibility


Ninetynine Seconds - Daniela-Hamann on ESG-Principles

ESG criteria are becoming increasingly important in the investment world. Aquila Capital pursues a holistic approach in this context. Acting responsibly towards the environment, investors and society are key factors to which Aquila Capital is committed.

Renewable Energies

Power Purchase Agreements

Ninetynine Seconds - Joakim Johnsen on Power Purchase Agreements

In the last five years, Europe has seen significant growth in the use of PPAs for renewable energy. This is largely due to decreasing costs of renewable energy generation, phasing out of feed-in-tariffs as well as growing corporate demand for green energy. Although PPAs are used in several countries across Europe, the majority are concentrated in just a few, where subsidies are limited. However, demand is spreading across the region and several renewable energy projects are seeking PPAs in order to become realised.

On-Site Project Controlling

Wind Energy

Ninetynine seconds – on site: monitoring our assets during construction phase

The main tasks of Aquila Capital’s project management include the controlling of the revenue and liquidity planning of the asset, as well as the monitoring of the construction schedule and construction budget. Kerstin Fick shows you the construction on site.

Social Responsibility

Real Estate

Ninetynine seconds – ESG-criteria and Real Estate Investments

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, as well in the real estate sector. In this context the integration of ESG criteria in real estate investments doesn’t only help to maximizes returns, but also helps to achieve positive social and environement benefits.

Social Responsibility

Solar PV

Ninetynine seconds - Supporting wild bees on photovoltaic sites

Wild bees are central to our ecosystem and biodiversity. But they are threatened species and urgently need protection. Earlier this year, Aquila Capital started a project to colonise wild bees on its solar park land, because the habitat of wild platns and protective structures can help the bees thrive. Together with the University of Oldenburg, we are exploring the possibilities of a wild flower planting programme and providing additional nesting opportunities.

Erneuerbare Energien


Ninetynine seconds - Economically and environmentally smart: District Heating as an investment in infrastructure

The phase-out of fossil fuels is well underway. District heating is an important component in the transformation of our economic system. Private investment capital plays a decisive role here. This is a highly attractive scenario for infrastructure investors. District heating projects not only offer access to several barely correlated sources of income but are generally supported by a stable political regime that ensures a high degree of planning security.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Ninetynine seconds - Logistics investments in Spain, Italy and Portugal

After Germany, Great Britain and France, Italy and Spain are the 4th and 5th largest logistics markets in Europe. Their geographic locations within Europe enable them to supply the larger countries of the continent relatively quickly, assisted further by their strong infrastructure networks.



Ninetynine seconds: sustainability of hydropower

Aquila Capital is the largest operator of small scale hydropower plants in Europe. Norway produces more than 90 per cent of its electricity from hydropower. Hydropower is an important part of renewable energy and thus contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2.

Renewable Energies

Solar PV

Ninetynine seconds - Asset Management Optimisation Renewables

Asset Management Optimisation refers to the intelligent collection, analysis and use of data and information that arise when operating on renewable energy systems. From this, optimisation measures are developed.

On-Site Timber


Ninetynine seconds - on-site: remotely measuring & mapping the forest

For initial appraisal, the valuation of the forest and a forest management plan we developped a new inventory method. Now we can conduct inventories in less time, at lower costs and with higher data precision.

On-Site Wind energy

Wind Energy

Ninetynine seconds - on-site: gearbox change of a wind turbine

Asset management in real assets also means to closely control and monitor the asset. And then to take action when repairs or changes must be made - as at this wind turbine in Pinnow.

On-Site Real Estate


Ninetynine seconds - on-site: residential living in Villaverde, Spain

Sven Schoel (Director of Real Estate Investments) briefly explains the investment rationale of a residential housing project currently being developed in Villaverde (Spain).



Ninetynine seconds: hydropower in Norway

Hydropower is one of the most significant renewable energy sources in the world. Norway is the largest hydropower producer in Europe and meets its own electricity requirements almost entirely with hydropower.

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