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Our Values

What distinguishes us, what we act on
Aquila Capital Our Values
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Sustainability has always been part of our value system and is an integral part of our investment strategies, processes, and management of our assets. Thus, it is also an integral part of our corporate strategy going forward. Our values reinforce these principles. They give us purpose and remind us of what makes us so unique and successful as a company. 

High Performance

Aquila Capital Assets

We own our decisions, actions and performance – individually as well as collectively.  Ownership is something that we feel and pursue intrinsically.  We encourage and foster autonomy and accountability across all functions.

We are shapers of the future; we embrace innovativeness and reasonable risk-taking.  We think outside the box and act with responsibility for our investors, for each other and for society.

We have a passion to succeed. We pursue and realise goals with great willpower and perseverance. We seek and seize opportunities as they arise.


Aquila cooperation

We share the Eagles Spirit across all business lines. Our shared team spirit not only positively enhances us as Aquila employees but also boosts the effectiveness of our work with our clients in a fast-changing environment.

We believe in cooperation and working in teams, especially due to the nature and complexity of our business model.

We understand how crucial it is to work as a collective within the company and as partners with our investors for our mutual success.


Aquila communication

We strive for a consistent and open working culture. We listen and communicate in a transparent and appreciative manner and talk about potential risks and failures.

We recognise the individual and collective efforts of our colleagues and team members. We provide good and appropriate feedback to our colleagues and enhance their strengths and successes.

We believe in success to help build momentum, share the achievement and recognise the individual as well as the team.

Eagles Codex

Eagles Codex

Being committed means looking for the long term, taking responsibility for what we do. We have integrity by being honest and transparent with ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our investors.

We firmly believe that respect and recognition of the uniqueness of each person ensures the further development of all of our Eagles and thus our success.

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