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state 31.12.2018
Press Release

Aquila Capital acquires renewable energy project rights in Spain with total capacity of more than 700 MW

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Aquila Capital offsets CO2 emissions of PEI Alternative Insight’s 2019 Global Summit in Berlin

Press Release

Institutional investors nearly double exposure to renewable infrastructure from 2% to 3.6% in two years, new research...

Current investments

Aquila Capital to acquire Portuguese hydropower portfolio from EDP

09/11/2018 - Portfolio has a capacity of approximately 100 MW and complements extensive Scandinavian hydropower portfolio.

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Aquila Capital enters Finnish wind energy market with 14.4 MW project

19/06/2018 - The wind farm has four Nordex N131 turbines with a capacity of 3.6 megawatts (MW) each.

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Aquila Capital acquires one of the biggest wind projects in Europe

18/12/2017 - The project will consist of 85 V136 4.2 MW Vestas turbines, a capacity of 357 WM and an annual output of more than 1.1 TWh.

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Aquila Capital acquires four photovoltaic projects in Portugal

13/12/2017 - The projects are located in central and southern Portugal and will have an installed capacity of over 170 MWp.

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Aquila Capital acquires Danish wind farm

24/08/2017 - Aquila Capital has acquired a wind energy project near Kappel on Lolland with an installed capacity of over 25 MW.

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Aquila Capital expands the capacity of wind farm in Norway by 40 MW

18/07/2018 - Eleven Nordex N117 turbines are to be installed, each of which has 3.6 MW-rated output.

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Aquila Capital acquires six Norwegian hydropower plants

24/04/2017 - The power plants, located near Bergen, produce approximately 70 GWh of electricity per year.

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Aquila Capital completes divestment of second photovoltaic project in Japan

11/04/2017 - Aquila Capital has completed the development of a PV project in Japan with an installed capacity of 38.4 MWp.

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