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Our carbon footprint

Managing our carbon footprint since 2006

More than 18 years of track record in leading by example

Aquila Capital started to specialise in carbon mitigation in 2007 with the launch of two funds and the Aquila Group's decision to manage and offset the emissions of our own operations in 2006.

Since then, we have been offsetting the CO2e emissions of our own operations on an annual basis. We use the industry agreed upon definition captured in the greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol to measure our GHG emissions.  Scope 1 emissions refer to the direct emissions resulting from our facilities and company vehicles, Scope 2 represent the indirect emissions that arise from our energy consumption such as electricity and/or heat, and Scope 3 occur from upstream and downstream activities such as the emissions of our suppliers, employees commuting and business travel.  

With the support of our partners at AQ GREEN TeC, we measure and offset our 2023 carbon footprint using Gold Standard carbon credits.  

We acknowledge that offsetting alone is insufficient. Over the long term our goal must be to reduce our corporate carbon footprint as much as possible to avoid the release of CO2e into the atmosphere in the first place. In 2023, we introduced scope 3 emission reduction goals to advance our efforts. For full information on our carbon footprint and offsetting please refer to the Aquila Group's Sustainability Report.   


AQ Green TeC

AQ Green TeC has a broad expertise to help support the market towards a lower carbon future. The company has developed decarbonisation solutions designed to facilitate shared responsibility and collective action by engaging clients, their employees and their consumers in the fight towards climate action. 

By providing a trusted source for CO2e emissions management AQ Green TeC helps companies turn commitments into impactful, positive action.  

Their proprietary software platforms measure GHG emissions across the company value chain to facilitate the design of tailored reduction solutions that deliver immediate, sustainable and economic benefits. 

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