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Carbon neutrality

Carbon-neutral since 2006
David Grundlingh
CEO, AQ Green TeC

Our mission is to empower the widest number of companies and their stakeholders to measure, reduce and offset their emissions, to accelerate progress to global net-zero.

Turn climate protection commitments into climate protection measures.

Aquila Capital is committed to positively impacting the environment. As a major investor, developer and operator of green energy projects, we are focussed as a business on helping others reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which are scientifically proven to be the major cause of global warming.

In addition, we are conscious of our own operational carbon footprint, which we have offset since 2006*.

AQ Green TeC

AQ Green TeC has a broad expertise to help support the market towards a lower carbon future. The company has developed decarbonisation solutions designed to facilitate shared responsibility and collective action by engaging clients, their employees and their consumers in the fight towards climate action. 

By providing a trusted source for CO2e emissions management AQ Green TeC helps companies turn commitments into impactful, positive action.  

Their proprietary software platforms measure GHG emissions across the company value chain to facilitate the design of tailored reduction solutions that deliver immediate, sustainable and economic benefits. 



*Aquila Capital’s carbon footprint reflects the corporate operations and excludes the asset portfolios. Further details available in our latest ESG report

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