a wind park with solar panels in front

Our track record

More than 15 years of experience with a focus on climate change

Founded in 2001 by Roman Rosslenbroich and Dieter Rentsch, Aquila Group started to specialise in carbon reduction in 2007 with the launch of two funds – climate protection and forestry management – and through the commitment to be climate neutral in the management of our own operations. ​

Over the years we started focusing on the development, construction and operation of real assets in order to align with our mission to become one of the world’s leading sustainable investment and development companies for essential assets by 2030. Essential assets include anything related to expanding or renovating the world’s low-carbon infrastructure. Currently this includes clean energy (wind energy, solar PV, hydropower and battery storage), sustainable infrastructure (green logistics and green data centres) and specialty asset classes such as carbon forestry, energy efficiency, and growth equity in climate change mitigation.

Our commitment
Creating sustainable value through essential real assets investments
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Supporting our communities
Contributing to the society and the environment
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Our disclosures
Transparency as an important part of our strategy
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Our carbon footprint
Managing our carbon footprint since 2006
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