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Green Data Centres

Efficient and sustainable colocation capacities
Petter Tømmeraas
CEO AQ Compute

Computing capacities must be provided for the innumerable possibilities from emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence or augmented reality. We must therefore invest in sustainable data centres now in order to meet both the growing demand and to support the achievement of global climate goals.
> EUR 500m
investment volume
sites under development
60 MW
combined capacity
As at: 31.12.2022


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Data Centre

AQ Compute and CBRE open green data centre in Barcelona to kick-start new agreement

• Strategic agreement aims at becoming a leading pan-European data centre provider

• Jointly run sites across Europe will have capacities of 10 MW…

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Data Centre

Aquila Capital enters data centre market with first investment in Norway

• Aquila Capital announces construction of sustainable and energy efficient data centre located close to Oslo

• Strategy based on expertise in green…

Due to continuously growing volume of data globally, the need for sustainable data centres is increasing. Through our subsidiary AQ Compute, we are developing colocation capacities with a particular focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

AQ Compute clients benefit from highly competitive operational costs while we aim to provide 100 % renewable energy based on Aquila Group's clean energy and storage portfolio across Europe. In addition to the clean energy supply for the servers, our sustainability strategy includes a concept for the reuse of waste heat.

The Strategy

Established in 2020, AQ Compute is focussing on the European continent with an emphasis on secondary markets in Western Europe.

AQ Compute’s first two data centres are located in Norway and Spain and are currently under construction. Planned to be supplied with 100 % clean energy, the data centres will satisfy the needs of hyperscalers, large enterprises and other organisations that require extensive computing capacity.

The Team

The dedicated data centre team is built around professionals with a total of several hundred years of experience within the data centre industry. For the implementation of its projects, AQ Compute is partnering with the global real estate company CBRE. CBRE support with a number of services and also market our services to their global clients in addition to the direct sales activities by the AQ Compute sales team.

AQ Compute have a number of other partners including German IT company Cloud&Heat Technologies which support with knowledge about heat reuse and liquid cooling solutions as well as contributing to the commercial activities.

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Data Centre
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Data Centre

Ninetynine Seconds – Sustainable Data Centres in Norway

Aquila Capital invests in sustainable data centres under its subsidiary brand AQ Compute. Carl von Hessen, Head of Data Centre Investments, provides insights into the investment opportunity. He explains the criteria we consider when building our data centres and why Norway is a perfect location for the asset class.

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Data Centre

Decarbonising digitisation – sustainable data centres as investment opportunities

Carl von Hessen, Head of Data Centre Investments at Aquila Capital, David Grundlingh, CEO of AQ Green TeC and Jens Struckmeier, Founder and CTO of Cloud&Heat Technologies, discuss the importance of greening the backbone of digitisation and its underlying investment opportunity of efficient and sustainable data centres. The expert panel highlights the essential role of innovative and efficient data centres from a technological, economic as well as a sustainable perspective. In particular, the data centres investment approach as well as the CO2 reduction potentials towards carbon neutrality are presented.

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