Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Kilian Leykam
Investment Manager Battery Energy Storage EMEA

The energy transition requires utility-scale battery storage systems to allow the integration of renewable energies into the grid while guaranteeing energy supply.
BESS in portfolio
GW capacity in portfolio
GWh in portfolio
across 7
countries in EMEA and APAC
as at: 31.12.2022

Ensuring stable and clean energy supply

We are continuously investing in a diversified clean energy portfolio with the aim to support the energy transition. The integration of renewable energy assets into the electricity mix requires utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) to help manage the intermittent electricity generated by solar PV and wind. BESS can balance the fluctuating production of renewable energies and thus support the switch to clean energy.  

To ensure a stable grid and help build out the much needed clean energy assets across Europe and APAC, we are investing in battery energy storage systems. Through our clean energy development platform Aquila Clean Energy, we are also developing these energy storage systems ourselves in Europa and APAC.

We seek hybridisation potential by connecting our clean energy projects directly with BESS whenever possible.  


Emission avoidance by BESS

Battery energy storage systems are actively contributing to emission avoidance. This is demonstrated in a study that we conducted together with the Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft (Energy Economics Research Centre, FfE).

Our team at Aquila Clean Energy and the FfE jointly developed an approach to calculate the lifetime avoided emissions (LAE) of a stationary utility-scale battery energy storage system. 

The study shows that the deployment of BESS leads to emission avoidance, as the charging and discharging cycles and the associated avoidance of grid emissions outweigh the emissions incurred to produce the battery system over time. The deployment of BESS at scale will be crucial for the necessary build-out of clean energy to reach Net Zero targets. The contribution of BESS is not limited to emission avoidance – they are important pillars of the future energy system, supporting grid stability and freeing up grid capacity. 

More information about the BESS carbon avoidance study may be found here.

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