Solar PV
Fast growing technology with attractive risk-return profile
Susanne Wermter
CEO, Aquila Clean Energy EMEA

Aquila Capital Team Andre Wojtek
Andrew Wojtek
Head Investment

6.1bn EUR
transaction volume
7,933 MWp
capacity installed and under development
parks in portfolio
102,185 t
CO2-savings 2020
as at: 30.06.2021


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Solar PV

Aquila Capital acquires four photovoltaics projects in Portugal

13/12/2017 - The projects are located in central and southern Portugal and will have an installed capacity of over 170 MWp.


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Solar PV

Aquila Capital completes divestment of second photovoltaic project in Japan

11/04/2017 - Aquila Capital has completed the development of a PV project in Japan with an installed capacity of 38.4 MWp and has sold it to a local…

Eine große Photovoltaik Investments Anlage auf einem Feld
Solar PV

Aquila Capital expands its photovoltaic portfolio with new investment in Japan

14/12/2016 - The photovoltaic park will have an installed capacity of 38.4 MWp once it is connected to the grid.

Eine große Photovoltaik Investments Anlage auf einem Feld
Solar PV

Aquila Capital expands its photovoltaic-portfolio in UK

17/08/2015 - Installed capacity of 9.8 MWp in Nottinghamshire.

Eine große Photovoltaik Investments Anlage auf einem Feld
Solar PV

Aquila Capital acquires photovoltaic plant in the UK

03/06/2015 - Installed capacity of 7.2 MWp in Banwell near Bristol.

Eine große Photovoltaik Investments Anlage auf einem Feld
Solar PV

Aquila Capital acquires 57 MWp photovoltaic portfolio in the south of France

26/05/2015 - Six photovoltaic parks with an installed capacity of 57 MWp.

Invest in solar pv and generate clean electricity

As well as being very environmentally friendly, solar energy provides stable and predictable cash flows with relatively low volatility, thereby making it an attractive asset class for investors. The result: our global solar park portfolio has been growing continuously since 2009.

Our specialised expert team has excellent market knowledge and extensive investment experience in the solar pv sector. The investment team is supported by a dedicated asset management team. Our local presence allows our experts to actively manage our investment projects. Complementary to Aquila Capital's active asset management approach, the Merchant Market Desk pursues a similar strategy in developing market pricing strategies and structuring power purchase agreements (PPAs).

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On-Site Solar PV

Solar PV

Project Development and Asset Management under one Roof

Under its subsidiary brand AQ Ampere, Aquila Capital develops solar PV parks in Germany. David Mayer, Nader Mottahedin and Jane Coenen-Blunck explain the team's holistic approach. AQ Ampere manages solar PV projects from land acquisition through development and construction to the ongoing management of the plants.

Clean Energy

Power Purchase Agreements

Ninetynine Seconds - Joakim Johnsen on Power Purchase Agreements

In the last five years, Europe has seen significant growth in the use of PPAs for renewable energy. This is largely due to decreasing costs of renewable energy generation, phasing out of feed-in-tariffs as well as growing corporate demand for green energy. Although PPAs are used in several countries across Europe, the majority are concentrated in just a few, where subsidies are limited. However, demand is spreading across the region and several renewable energy projects are seeking PPAs in order to become realised.

Social Responsibility
Förderung von Bienen auf Photovoltaik Anlageflächen

Solar PV

Ninetynine seconds - Supporting wild bees on photovoltaic sites

Wild bees are central to our ecosystem and biodiversity. But they are threatened species and urgently need protection. Earlier this year, Aquila Capital started a project to colonise wild bees on its solar park land, because the habitat of wild platns and protective structures can help the bees thrive. Together with the University of Oldenburg, we are exploring the possibilities of a wild flower planting programme and providing additional nesting opportunities.

Renewable Energies

Solar PV

Ninetynine seconds - Asset Management Optimisation Renewables

Asset Management Optimisation refers to the intelligent collection, analysis and use of data and information that arise when operating on renewable energy systems. From this, optimisation measures are developed.

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