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Calculation basis of the CO2 avoidance clock

According to the "GHG Accounting for Grid Connected Renewable Energy Projects" of  the "International Financial Institutions Technical Working Group on Greenhouse Gas Accounting"(1), the feed-in of electricity produced by renewable energies leads to a theoretical avoidance of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

The basis of the calculation for the named CO2 avoidance in the CO2 avoidance clock is the electricity production of renewable energy projects managed by the Aquila Group (meaning Aquila Capital Holding GmbH and its affiliated companies within the meaning of §§ 15 et seq. AktG) ("Renewable Energy Projects"). For each managed Renewable Energy Project, the electricity production from the start of production until the end of the respective calendar year is calculated individually and then multiplied by an annually weighted CO2 avoidance factor in each case ("Individual CO2 Avoidance"). The CO2 avoidance factor used is in turn calculated from the annual average European CO2 emissions per kWh produced, based on the data collected by the International Energy Agency(2). The Individual CO2 avoidance of all renewable energy projects calculated on this basis is then summed up ("Baseline"). The Baseline value is divided by the number of seconds in the calendar year to obtain a second-by-second value ("Growth Rate"). Finally, the Growth Rate is added to the Baseline value every second in the CO2 avoidance clock ("CO2 Avoidance Aquila Capital").

Calculation basis of European household emissions:

The value of the emissions of European households, which is shown under the running CO2 avoidance clock, was determined with the help of statistics from Eurostat(3). Here, the annual average CO2 emissions of an EU citizen were taken as a basis and multiplied by the average household size in the EU ("European Household Emission Value"). The calculated CO2 avoidance of Aquila Capital is continuously divided by the European Household Emission Value ("Balanced Emissions of European Households").

General information:

The "CO2 Avoidance Aquila Capital" and the "Balanced Emissions of European Households" are approximate figures and do not necessarily reflect the exact impact of the Renewable Energy Projects.

The above sources of information are believed to be reliable and accurate, however, the completeness, accuracy, validity and timeliness of the information provided cannot be guaranteed and the Aquila Group accepts no liability for any damages that may arise directly or indirectly from the use of this information.