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We are committed to protect the environment for future generations to come

We are dedicated to environmental protection through sponsorships and partnerships

We support WWF Germany

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Aquila means "eagle" in Latin. Hence, we feel a connection to this animal and have our eagle mascot "Eddie" present in our offices since our foundation. Therefore, we decided to partner with WWF Germany in order to become sponsors of an eagle couple: Eddie and Carmen.

WWF has been committed to the protection and conservation of eagles in Germany since 1972. The foundation has the overarching goal of stopping the destruction of nature and the environment and building a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

With our donation, WWF Germany plans to acquire a suitable piece of forest and land in Schleswig-Holstein and transform it into a nature reserve. This territory will provide a natural habitat for numerous animals in addition to Eddie and Carmen, and thus contribute directly to the preservation of biodiversity in our region.

Protection of endangered wild bees on photovoltaic surfaces

Wild bees are vital for our ecosystem as well as biodiversity. In light of the shrinking bee population, they urgently need protection. This is why we have started a project to colonise wild bees on our solar parks as they have ideal conditions for wild bees to thrive. Together with the biologist and leading bee expert Rolf Witt, we are also investigating the possibilities for planting wild flowers and providing nesting facilities to support the fight against the massive population losses of wild bees.

Watch the Video about this Project.

European Alliance for Green Recovery

In May 2020, Aquila Capital joined the European Alliance for Green Recovery, launched following the Covid-19 pandemic at the initiative of Pascal Canfin, Chairman of the European Parliament's Environment Committee, to work together and build post-crisis green investment plans.

As a signatory of the pan-European initiative, Aquila Capital is committed to implementing investment strategies that are consistent with the Green Deal's climate commitments to rebuild the economy after the crisis, while continuing the transition to carbon neutrality.

Find out more about the initiative here.

Aquila Charity

With our initiative "Aquila Charity", Aquila Group employees and the company itself support self-selected charitable organisations.
Not only do we support various hearty causes during Christmas time but we also commit ourselves to charity all year round.
In recent years we already donated over half a million euros to charitable organisations and plan to continue this commitment.

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