Immobilienkomplex als nachhaltige Investition
Our Goals
Creating sustainable value through essential real assets investments
Taoufik Saoudi
Director of ESG

Aquila Capital Hamburg
We believe, that a company's long-term success is based on compliance with ESG principles.

Taking a hands-on approach to create sustainable value

We have three overarching goals

1) Ensuring Europe reaches its Energy Transition 2030 goals

  • Increase installed capacity from 4 GW to 30 by 2030
  • Transition towards a low-carbon world with 8 billion EURO investments in energy transition projects in 2030 alone
  • Increase renewable energy efficiency and mitigate intermittency issues through improving consistency of clean energy supply through stored hydro and battery storage
  • Improve electricity usage by strengthening productivity and reducing the cost of electricity

This ambition contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

How we take action!

  • We foster innovation through investing in the research for the digitalisation of the energy transition
  • We invest in Renewable Energy
  • We issued a green bond to expand the availability of hydropower
  • We install solar panels on logistic centres’ rooftops
  • We commit to adhering to green building standards
  • We help to enhance energy efficiency
18 TWh
green energy procued
5 m
households supplied
wind turbines in portfolio
solar pv parks in portfolio
hydropower plants in portfolio
as at: 31.12.2020

2) Improving the environment to create a sustainable future

  • Curb biodiversity loss through the restoration of wild bees to create a sustainable food supply
  • Increase sustainable agricultural practices and contribute to food security and nutrition
  • Responsible management of forests to ensure optimum tree growth and the protection of endangered plants and animal species
  • Support WWF in its mission to stop the destruction of nature and the environment

This ambition contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

How we take action!

  • We have been certified as 100% carbon neutral since 2006
  • We support the preservation of wild bees in our solar parks. Our self-made nesting aids are with approx. 200cm x 1200cm considerably larger than most standard bee hotels
  • We manage our farms under strict and carefully controlled organic principles
  • We manage our forests and supply chains according to FSC/PEFC certification
  • We have a partnership with WWF Germany and are now sponsors of an eagle couple: Eddie and Carmen
6 m
tons of overall reduction in CO2 emissions
bee hotels installed
organic certified dairy farms
eagles adopted
as at: 31.12.2020

3) Empowering people to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

  • Providing communities with sustainable housing and the option to voluntarily offset real estate’s carbon footprint
  • Increasing the availability of affordable housing for low-income communities
  • Promoting healthy eating and increased physical activity for a better lifestyle for our employees
  • Reducing inequality in the workplace and provide fair employment opportunities for everyone

This ambition contributes to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

How we take action!

  • We are growing and we believe our success depends on our employees. We seek dedicated individuals who thrive in an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed based on merit.
  • We offer sophisticated Trainee/Analyst programmes and provide our employees with the appropriate tools and resources necessary to reach their full potential.
  • We host one Health Day per year in order to educate our employees on their well-being, diet and physical fitness.
  • We provide water and fresh fruit daily to our employees
  • We support our employees’ participation in sport events, such as the Virgin Global Challenge
  • We provide affordable housing as part of our residential real estate portfolio in Spain
  • We use sustainable materials and clean electricity in our offices
  • During the corona pandemic, we established the possibility of regular covid tests in our offices for our employees
new hires in 2020
new offices opened in 2020
Covid tests for our employees realised
job bikes
as at: 15.01.2021
Social Responsibility


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ESG criteria are becoming increasingly important in the investment world. Aquila Capital pursues a holistic approach in this context. Acting responsibly towards the environment, investors and society are key factors to which Aquila Capital is committed.

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