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Sustainable Infrastructure
Investments into the global Infrastructure backbone
CEO Markus Holzer
Markus Holzer
CEO, Aquila Sustainable Infrastructure

Our claim to sustainable and energy-efficient infrastructure investments fits seamlessly into our growth strategy. In general, at Aquila Capital, we create added value for our stakeholders by combining sustainability, optimized rental conditions and attractive investment opportunities for our investors.


At Aquila Capital, we see investing in Sustainable Infrastructure as a trillion Euro asset opportunity, because the world’s infrastructure backbone has to be built, rebuilt or renovated within the next decades.

At Aquila Group, we engage in the generation of essential assets in business areas such as Green Logistics, Green Data Centres, Energy Efficiency, as well as Residential Housing and Carbon Forestry. By doing so, Aquila Group contributes to the global energy transition. The company initiates, develops, and manages these assets along the entire value chain and lifetime.

Infrastructure investments have a low correlation to traditional asset classes and are characterized by stable and continuous cash flows. Our Sustainable Infrastructure team combines entrepreneurial spirits with investment expertise to fulfil the return expectations of our investors and stakeholders. Furthermore, our team has multiple years of experience in the due diligence of institutional infrastructure funds and offers cost-effective global access to top infrastructure managers. Investors can participate not only in broadly diversified infrastructure portfolios but also in our entire deal flow.

Data Centres
Efficient and sustainable colocation capacities
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Energy Efficiency
Making a valuable contribution to climate protection
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Green Logistics
New standard: economic and ecological aspects combined
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Stable cashflows through continuous infrastructure investments
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Land Use & Carbon Forestry
Active management for sustainable certified investments
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Environmentally responsible residential areas in attractive locations
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