View from above over a solar park from Aquila Capital
view from above over a wind energy park
a hydro power asset from Aquila Capital

Clean Energy

Investments to decarbonise the world
Susanne Wermter Aquila Capital team member
Susanne Wermter
Chair, Aquila Clean Energy EMEA

Aquila Capital Team Andre Wojtek
Andrew Wojtek
CEO, Aquila Clean Energy EMEA


At Aquila Capital, we believe in Clean Energy assets to preserve the world’s natural resources. Thereby, Aquila Capital contributes to the global energy transition and strengthens the worlds’ infrastructure backbone. Through our clean energy platform Aquila Clean Energy, we initiate, develop, and manage these essential assets along the entire value chain and lifetime.

Aquila Group is engaged in the main sources of Clean Energy. We develop and operate wind parks in Europe – from Norway to Spain. We build solar parks all over Europe, and we manage hydropower plants in Northern and Southern Europe. Our APAC headquarter in Singapore, which we opened in 2020, will significantly contribute to grow our Clean Energy business.

We are also present in the areas directly linked to our Clean Energy assets, such as carbon offsetting, energy distribution & trading, as well as PPA origination.

We are driven by our highly experienced investment management teams. These teams have excellent market knowledge and extensive investment experience in the industry with a proven track record. The teams are supported by dedicated asset management experts, which actively manage our Clean Energy projects on the ground.


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