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A snapshot

In this concise video sequence, our team of experts describe the numerous asset classes offered by our firm and live projects currently being developed for investors. The active asset management process employed in managing these projects is described and we also provide insights into the quantitative approach of our Systematic Trading Group who are based in Zurich. An initial overview of on-the-ground projects, people and geographical reach is provided.

We will continually provide updates in the future with further case studies which highlight new investment opportunities our investment teams are actively pursuing.


Ninetynine seconds - on-site: gearbox change of a wind turbine

Asset management in real assets also means to closely control and monitor the asset. And then to take action when repairs or changes must be made - as at this wind turbine in Pinnow.


Ninetynine seconds - on-site: asset management on the inverter

Technical asset management on-site means also, that we control and overview our assets directly. But we are supported by external service providers.


Ninetynine seconds - on-site: residential living in Villaverde, Spain

Sven Schoel (Director of Real Estate Investments) briefly explains the investment rationale of a residential housing project currently being developed in Villaverde (Spain).

Ninetynine seconds: sustainability of hydropower

Aquila Capital is the largest operator of small scale hydropower plants in Europe. Norway produces more than 90 per cent of its electricity from hydropower. Hydropower is an important part of renewable energy and thus contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2.

Sustainability of hydropower

Ninetynine seconds: Our Wind park Mads in Denmark

Wind energy is a driver of the energy transition. We therefore see increasing interest from investors in investing in this area of ​​renewable energy.

Ninetynine seconds: hydropower in Norway

Hydropower is one of the most significant renewable energy sources in the world. Norway is the largest hydropower producer in Europe and meets its own electricity requirements almost entirely with hydropower.

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