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Aquila Capital - The Alternative Investment Company

Established in 2001, Aquila Capital is committed to provide institutional investors worldwide with alternative investments solutions in real assets, financial and private markets. Applying a multi-disciplinary investment approach, Aquila Capital’s range of alternative investments is managed by dedicated specialists in their respective asset classes and underpinned by an infrastructure that combines strong operations, stringent corporate governance and a successful track record.

Aquila Capital’s substantial expertise, built across the entire value chain, enables it to identify and manage attractive investments for investors. As part of the owner-managed Aquila Group, Aquila Capital applies a solution-oriented approach to investment management, from the development and implementation of a strategy, to the management of and exit from an asset.

A solid operational infrastructure, high degree of transparency, rigorous asset controls with a stringent asset management and a proprietary risk management system as well as efficient cost structures enable the Group to achieve significant economies of scale and strong corporate governance.

The results are real asset, financial asset and private market investment solutions, tailor-made to meet the diverse needs of investors globally.

Aquila Capital is an owner-managed entrepreneurial firm which has EUR 6.8 billion in assets under management (as at June 2018). Over 200 professionals across ten offices globally are working across the whole value chain of alternative investments to generate stable, positive returns for investors.

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