Aquila Capital - The Alternative Investment Company

Aquila Group is an experienced and long-term investor in essential, real asset investments. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Dieter Rentsch and Roman Rosslenbroich, the Group currently manages EUR 8.2 billion for its clients worldwide. It has transacted an additional EUR 7.1 billion, including investments in 4 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, over 1,200,000 square metres of real estate in Europe and EUR 1.3 billion in multi-asset infrastructure (as at 30.06.2019). KlimaInvest Green Concepts, the leading German climate neutral company, is part of Aquila Group.

Aquila Capital is focused on sustainable performance and creating value for its clients by capitalising on macroeconomic trends, dislocations and tipping points through bottom-up management carried out by highly specialised and passionate investment teams. Aquila Capital pursues operational stability, a distinct alignment of interest philosophy and stringent corporate governance.

The business centres on secular and sustainable trends in renewable energy, social housing, green logistics, infrastructure, timber and agriculture. Within these areas, Aquila Capital offers a focused range of real asset investment strategies managed by dedicated specialists in their respective fields. Expert investment teams with entrepreneurial mindsets draw on their sector networks and experience to screen, develop, finance, manage and operate investments along the entire value chain.

As this concept requires local management teams and a local presence, Aquila Capital is represented with 13 investment offices in 11 countries. Comprehensive operational capabilities, more than 300 employees at group level, intensive asset management and a passion for detail ensure asset and product performance as well as the timely deployment of capital.

Aquila Group believes in stringent corporate governance. With its two AIFMs in Luxembourg and Germany, it is subject to the highest European regulatory standards. Compliance with these standards helps to ensure the highest levels of service and comprehensive security for the Group’s investors and business partners.

Embedded in its activities lies a passion for real assets and living ESG, better every day.

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