Sabine Schlegel
Business Partner
Aquila Capital Hamburg, Germany
Orientation. Integration. Your Team.

Bringing you on board


Our induction process starts as soon as you sign your employment contract. We will immediately send you a welcome pack, which includes key information about the Aquila Group, our business fields, our corporate culture and tips on how to make a good start.

From Day One your line manager has in place a program to help you through your first few weeks with us. You will have introductory meetings with your new colleagues to gain insights into the various departments and how they work together. These meetings will help you to adapt quickly to your new role, to establish an internal network and to think outside the box.

An important event in your first six months is our Early Bird Day. All new employees from across the business are given presentations on Aquila Capital and its business model in lectures and workshops. The day ends with an ice-breaker social event in the evening.

Finally, to ensure you continue to be happy in your new role, you will have formal review discussions regularly with your line manager and a representative from the Human Resources department.

We hope you enjoy working at Aquila Capital!

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