Marc-Aurel Kaiser
Head Human Resources & Organisation
Aquila Capital Hamburg, Germany
"Employees with an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to use the degrees of freedom are the future of the investment sector."

Learning and Development

At Aquila Capital, our employees are our most valuable asset. We are committed to helping them advance and succeed at every stage of their career.

Aquila Capital places a robust emphasis on the professional development of our employees. Ongoing training and development programmes are offered to employees to ensure they have the tools and resources necessary to advance their careers and reach their full potential. An example of this is providing access to the Rosetta Stone training programme, which offers a learning approach tailored to an individual’s specific objectives and existing knowledge of a language.

An international trainee programme has also been founded. Over a timeframe of 15 months, six to eight young trainees are placed, on a rotation basis, within the numerous operating divisions of Aquila Group. By way of tailored training initiatives, trainees are provided with an overall understanding of how each business unit functions as well as an overview of the operating structures within Aquila Group.    

This programme has been developed in conjunction with the ITP Academy, which includes numerous sessions orientated around theoretical training and personality development. Frequent internal sessions are held encompassing a range of business-focused subjects. These sessions may also be attended by any employee of Aquila Group.

The objectives of our business and personal development programmes are to ensure we retain and motivate existing employees via a holistic approach to training and also to equip qualified junior employees with the skills and aptitude to ensure they are able to develop flourishing careers within the entrepreneurial yet structured culture of our firm.

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