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Aquila Sachwert-Basisfonds I (Wald) S.A., SICAV-SIF

ACTIF Aquila Capital Timber Investment Fund S.A., SICAV-SIF

Aquila Capitalʼs ACTIF Aquila Capital Timber Investment Fund S.A., SICAV-SIF offers investors efficient access to a balanced and diversified portfolio of sustainable international forestry with continuous cash flows within a regulated fund structure. The focus is on countries with stable currencies and market environments and a strategy of investing in high value added forest areas. Active asset management is underpinned by the involvement of fund management in local operational management. Aquila Capital’s forestry experts also work with an external partner, Margules Groome Consulting. For all investments, compliance with ethical-social sustainability criteria (socially responsible investing) is ensured by the certification of forest enterprises.

Investment in sustainable international timberland

ACTIF Aquila Capital Timber Investment Fund S.A., SICAV-SIF

Legal form / Fund structureS.A., SICAV-SIF
Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)Alceda Fund Management S.A.
Fund advisor

Aquila Capital Investmentgesellschaft mbH

Investment advisor

Aquila Capital Management GmbH

Forestry advisor

Margules Groome Consulting

Fiscal year end01.01. - 31.12.
Time to maturity31.05.2031 (maximum extension until 30.11.2032, i.e. option to extend the term three times by up to 6 months each time)
Valuation date31 December (additional quarterly indicative valuations as at 31 March,  30 June, 30 September)
First closing31.05.2013
Fund currencyEUR (investments in foreign currencies possible as per country allocation)
Minimum capital commitmentEUR 5m
Target fund sizeEUR 100m
Performance Fee10% p.a. with a performance above 7% p.a. (IRR, hurdle rate)
Custody and central administration feeUp to 0.125% p.a. - minimum EUR 65,000
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