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Matthias Rutsch
Investment Advisor | Tiger Value Fund
"Mostly positive, low correlated returns with equity-markets at moderate risk and live track-record of almost ten years."

Investment strategy

The strategy follows a long/short equity approach with a geographical focus on Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The actively managed fund aims to predominantly exploit the investment opportunities and valuation in efficiencies of the European small and mid cap stock segment without having to bear the full market risk. Under valued companies are screened for upcoming catalysts and value creation measures that could improve the intrinsic value of the company and enhance shareholder returns. At the same time, returns are generated by identifying overvalued companies where the intrinsic value is continuously being eroded. Investments are diversified across a wide range of industries. The fund management team applies a proprietary Ten Point Scoring Model to asses the best ideas and has a combined investment experience of more than 52 years.

The Associated Manager Group by Aquila Capital

Aquila Capital, established in 2001, offers alternative managers access to the infrastructure of the Aquila Group, which specialises in alternative investments. This enables associated managers to focus on investment management while Aquila Capital takes care of the administrative, executive, risk, legal & compliance, structuring, sales, marketing and PR functions.


Team Tiger Asset Management

Investment Advisor | Tiger Value Fund
Co-Investment Advisor & Head of Trading | Tiger Value Fund
Research | Tiger Value Fund

Product profiles and price information

*The official name of the fund is AC Tiger Fund - Tiger Value Fund (FCP-SIF)

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