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Egon Rütsche

Quantitative Strategist

Since the beginning of 2017, Dr. Egon Rütsche has been a member of the Systematic Trading Group, which is responsible for the implementation of quantitative strategies at Aquila Group. The team manages the Group’s existing multi-asset strategies and is also responsible for implementing new systematic approaches. Egon has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of research, development and implementation of quantitative investment strategies. Previously, Egon was a founder of Prime Capital and he was a member of the Swiss subsidiary of the American Hedge Funds group Achievement AM. He also served in the capacity of Senior Researcher & Portfolio Manager at Man AHL, one of the world's largest quantitative asset managers. After receiving a diploma degree in mathematics at ETH Zurich, Egon presented his thesis in Arithmetic Geometry at ETH Zurich.

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