Our regional hub for the APAC Region
Alexander Lenz
CEO Asia Pacific

There is significant demand for renewable energy investments in the Asia Pacific region, which offers investors immense opportunities.

Our regional hub for the APAC Region


The Asia-Pacific region contributes more than 50% to global economic growth. This results in the most dynamic growth of energy demand worldwide. Non-OECD Asian countries are expected to be contributing two-thirds of the 70% increase in global energy demand by 2050. In addition to avoiding emissions, renewable energies offer a fast and cost-efficient way to develop and transform energy systems in a sustainable manner.

Foreign direct investment by multinational companies to expand production capacities in developing countries as well as export-oriented corporations in East Asia are the basis of economic development and generate direct demand for renewable energy. Commitment to climate goals and social engagement are leading to increasing commitment by governments to the expansion of renewable energies.


Renewable energies are the cheapest source of new energy generation in most countries worldwide due to efficiency improvements and associated cost reductions. In addition to the exposed position of solar PV resulting from weather conditions, the region also offers high potential for the use of wind energy and hydropower due to extensive coastal regions and high precipitation.

The expansion of fossil generation capacities, which has been favoured for a long time, is simply no longer feasible, as the majority of banks and insurance companies are no longer prepared to bear the associated risks. Moreover – even without taking external effects into account – fossil thermal power plants are no longer competitive in the mid-term.

There is no economic, strategic or social alternative to the expansion of renewable generation capacity in Asia Pacific in the coming decades. Aquila Capital offers the opportunity to participate in this development at an early stage.

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