Commentaries & Reports

Manager Commentary 11/04/2014 Genuine diversification can only be achieved with asset … name, Director Portfolio Management 178 kB
Manager Commentary 01/04/2014 Australian dairy industry offers attractive … name, Group Head of Farm Investments 90 kB
Manager Commentary 06/02/2014 2014 will be a challenging year for fixed income investors name, Director Portfolio Management 78 kB
Manager Commentary 22/11/2013 Bringing diversification benefits & reliable cashflows name, Head of Timber Investments 57 kB
Company Publication 02/10/2013 Video: Dennis Meadows, Club of Rome conference Bucharest … name, Member of the Advisory Board
Company Publication 30/09/2013 Aquila Capital real assets at a glance (PDF)
Manager Commentary 20/06/2013 Investment criteria for hydropower investment name, Head of Hydro Investments 72 kB
Manager Commentary 10/06/2013 Co-investing with farmers name, Group Head of Farm Investments 49 kB
Manager Commentary 22/04/2013 The investment case for photovoltaics continues to be … name, Head of Solar & Wind Investments 35 kB
Manager Commentary 13/03/2013 Agriculture needs private investments name, Group Head of Farm Investments 124 kB
Whitepaper 30/08/2012 To bond or not to bond, that is the question name, Head of Quant Fund Management , name, Director Portfolio Management 579 kB
Manager Commentary 14/06/2012 Video: Detlef Schön, Farming name, Group Head of Farm Investments

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