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Press Release 19/03/2015 Proportion of institutional investors with exposure to renewables nearly doubles in one year Aquila Capital 338 kB 33 kB
Press Release 09/02/2015 Aquila Capital purchases second property in the heart of Madrid Aquila Capital 166 kB
Press Release 02/02/2015 Institutional Investors will turn to real assets as equity and bond returns fall short, new paper says Aquila Capital 46 kB
Press Release 20/01/2015 Aquila Capital and ewz co-invest in Swedish 60 MW wind park Aquila Capital 149 kB
Press Release 13/01/2015 Aquila Capital acquires Norway’s second-largest operator of small-scale hydropower plants Aquila Capital 51 kB
Press Release 07/01/2015 Aquila Capital's Risk Parity Bond strategy delivers 4.81% in 2014 Aquila Capital 234 kB
Press News 03/01/2015 The Economist: Investing in agriculture The Economist 903 kB
Press Release 04/12/2014 Institutional Investors adopt pragmatic Approach to renewable Infrastructure, Aquila Research shows Aquila Capital 172 kB
Press Release 18/11/2014 ABP acquires 33% Stake in Norwegian Plant Operator Tinfos as its First Investment through APG/Aquila Capital Hydropower Venture Aquila Capital 150 kB
Press News 03/11/2014 Roundtable Renewable Energy 2014 Infrastructure Investor 522 kB
Press Release 15/10/2014 Aquila Capital acquires 3,000 hectare forest in Finland for its global timber fund Aquila Capital 44 kB
Press Release 25/09/2014 Aquila Capital discusses new 'Factor Premia' Asset Class with Potential to further improve Diversification in Risk Parity Portfolios Aquila Capital 30 kB
Press Release 23/09/2014 Aquila Capital awarded Global Real Asset mandate by large Asian Institutional Investor Aquila Capital 167 kB
Press Release 04/08/2014 Seven out of 10 institutional investors say their funds fell short of expectations over the last decade Aquila Capital 30 kB
Press Release 14/07/2014 APG and Aquila Capital to invest up to € 500 mln in European Hydropower Infrastructure Aquila Capital 139 kB
Press Release 25/06/2014 Three Quarters of European Institutional Investors describe Bond Markets as challenging amid Fear of Rising Intrest Rates Aquila Capital 97 kB
Press Release 18/06/2014 New Research Reveals Impact of FED's Tapering on European Institutional Investors' Asset Allocation Aquila Capital 148 kB
Press Release 16/05/2014 Aquila Capital & ECPI form strategic partnership for sustainable investment solutions Aquila Capital 80 kB
Press Release 14/04/2014 Australian Dairy offers best risk-adjusted Returns in Global Agriculture Aquila Capital 29 kB
Press Release 11/03/2014 New study reveals gap in exposure to direct ownership of real assets Aquila Capital 29 kB
Press Release 04/03/2014 Institutional Investors Predict Sharp Rise in Real Assets Exposure Aquila Capital 29 kB
Press Release 16/12/2013 Climate change and land depletion are driving returns from farms, investors say Aquila Capital 24 kB
Press News 07/11/2013 How Risk Parity Works in the Fixed-Income Space aiCIO 401 kB
Press Release 05/08/2013 Aquila Capital appoints Dorothee Goerz as senior fund manager Aquila Capital 135 kB
Press Release 17/07/2013 Two thirds of UK pension professionals plan to increase or retain fixed income exposure despite current challenges, Aquila research shows* Aquila Capital 29 kB
Press Release 24/06/2013 Aquila Capital launches world's first Risk Parity Bond Fund in the face of fixed income uncertainties Aquila Capital 32 kB
Press Release 26/04/2013 AC Risk Parity 12 Fund wins HFM Award Aquila Capital 94 kB
Press Release 07/03/2013 Aquila Capital forms strategic partnership with Numerica for South Eastern Europe Aquila Capital 20 kB
Press Release 10/01/2013 Risk Parity: Investors’ concerns about a rising interest rate environment are misplaced Aquila Capital 26 kB
Press Release 11/12/2012 More European institutional investors prepared to explore Risk Parity…But an Awareness Gap remains Aquila Capital 29 kB
Press Release 30/11/2012 Aquila Capital is named European Hedge Fund Firm of the Year Aquila Capital 22 kB
Press Release 20/11/2012 European institutional investors moving away from government bonds towards alternative strategies Aquila Capital 60 kB
Press Release 24/10/2012 Stuart MacDonald joins Aquila Capital as Managing Director Aquila Capital
Press Release 10/09/2012 Aquila Capital retains ECPI to enhance sustainable farmland investment policies Aquila Capital 443 kB
Press Release 05/09/2012 Aquila Capital’s Risk Parity 12 Fund delivers four years of strong performance Aquila Capital 621 kB
Press Release 25/07/2012 Aquila Capital extends successful Risk Parity fund range with launch of Risk Parity 17 Aquila Capital 122 kB
Press Release 20/04/2012 Aquila Capital creates globally diversified agricultural investment management team Aquila Capital 91 kB
Press Release 10/04/2012 Aquila Capital expands breadth of Aquila Capital Quant Team Aquila Capital
Press Release 30/03/2012 Aquila Capital’s Risk Parity 12 Fund wins at the Investors Choice European Hedge Fund Awards Aquila Capital 79 kB
Press Release 06/02/2012 Aquila Capital’s Risk Parity 7 Fund hits four‐year milestone Aquila Capital 94 kB
Press Release 26/01/2012 Aquila Capital’s Risk Parity 7 Fund included in UCITS Alternative Index Blue Chip Aquila Capital 84 kB
Press Release 09/01/2012 Aquila Capital’s Risk Parity Funds assigned AA rating by Standard & Poor’s Aquila Capital 589 kB
Press Release 12/12/2011 Oldrik Verloop joins Aquila Capital as new head of business development in Benelux and Scandinavia Aquila Capital 80 kB
Press Release 01/11/2011 AC signs up to Principles for Responsible Investment in Farmland Aquila Capital 82 kB
Press Release 31/10/2011 Aquila Capital Opens Singapore Office Aquila Capital 76 kB
Press Release 20/09/2011 AC Risk Parity Fund wins UCITS HFS Index Awards Aquila Capital 132 kB
Press Release 16/09/2011 Aquila Capital launches liquid futures fund that offers daily liquidity Aquila Capital 103 kB
Press Release 10/02/2011 Aquila Capital’s Flagship fund achieves 3-year UCITS track record Aquila Capital 131 kB
Press Release 18/01/2011 Aquila Capital’s Flagship fund reaches the $1 billion mark Aquila Capital 130 kB
Press News 17/01/2011 Aquila Capital - Absolute return and real asset strategies from Germany the hedgefund journal 2.3 MB