Aquila Group

Founded in 2001 by Dieter Rentsch and Roman Rosslenbroich the Aquila Group is a leading provider of asset management and investment services. The Group comprises two core business areas that operate independently from each other.

Aquila Capital is committed to provide institutional investors worldwide with alternative investment solutions in real assets, financial and private markets. Applying a multi-disciplinary investment approach, Aquila Capital’s range of alternative investments is managed by dedicated specialists in their respective asset classes and underpinned by an infrastructure that combines strong operations, stringent corporate governance and a successful track record. As a regulated alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) Aquila Capital is licensed to manage both UCITS and AIFs in Germany.

Alceda is specialised in structuring funds for Aquila Capital as well as overseeing investment control and risk management of these vehicles. Alceda provides consulting, financing and investment solutions for real asset investments as well as a broad suite of structuring solutions that range from traditional investment strategies to complex alternative investment strategies and the re-domiciling of funds. Alceda is licensed as an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) in Luxembourg and as a UCITS fund manager in Luxembourg.

Aquila Group is an owner-managed entrepreneurial firm. Over 200 professionals across nine offices globally are working across the whole value chain of alternative investments to generate stable, positive returns for investors.