The Alternative Investment Company. Creating value in a changing world.

Established in 2001, Aquila Capital is a leading provider of alternative and real asset investments.

The firm focuses on distinctive areas of investment that are supported by macroeconomic fundamentals and offer the potential to generate uncorrelated, above average returns on a sustainable basis. Applying an 'expertise for investment excellence' approach, Aquila Capital draws on highly qualified, independent investment teams to generate a long-term edge.

Alternative Investments

Aquila Capital manages a broad range of alternative investment funds and tailor-made special mandates from its Hamburg headquarters and seven other global offices. These include quantitative investment strategies, event-driven strategies, credit trading, private debt and private market investments as well as real asset investments in renewable energy, agriculture, timber and real estate. A multitude of mostly institutional investors, including international pension funds, insurance companies and family offices seeking alternative investment solutions have entrusted more than EUR 7.2bn to the Aquila Group (as of December 2013).

Investment Experts

Aquila Capital’s 'expertise for investment excellence' approach helps to ensure that the needs of multiple investor sets can be met. Supported by a strong infrastructure, the investment teams are able to make key investment decisions in their own fields and can concentrate on generating outperformance. Meanwhile, economies of scale make it possible to support shared functions such as risk management, audit & legal and compliance more comprehensively at group level. In the more volatile post-crisis environment, these areas play an increasingly important role for investors.


Operational strength as a source of competitive advantage: as an alternative asset manager, Aquila Capital made the strategic decision to differentiate itself through its comprehensive operational infrastructure early in its development. This is an important source of competitive advantage, particularly in real asset investments, which are still relatively new territory for many investors. Aquila Capital provides real asset investors with the same high quality services that they expect when investing in other, traditional asset classes and that are imperative for the successful implementation and performance of real asset investments in the long term.

Dedicated risk management, portfolio management, execution, valuation, structuring, legal & compliance experts within the Aquila Group enable the firm to maintain complete oversight of its projects and to meet the specific challenges that real asset investments entail. All elements of the investment process for real asset investments are managed in the context of the principles set out by the UNEP Finance Initiative and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

The same principle of operational excellence applies to Aquila Capital’s liquid alternative investment strategies, where teams of dedicated experts ensure ‘best of breed’ investment oversight and enable the efficient implementation of the investment strategies.

Within the Aquila Group, operational risk is managed separately from the portfolio management function. Pre-trade and trade controls ensure that transactions adhere to UCITS and fund-specific provisions. Furthermore, independent monitoring ensures that investment portfolios remain stable, well within regulatory guidelines and adhere to industry ‘best practice’.