Wind Power

Efficient - sustainable - established

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Combining value and event-driven for uncorrelated alpha

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Real Estate

Online-Shopping is growing - and the demand for logistics properties

name, Head of Real Estate Investments

Risk Parity

Portfolio allocation
on a risk equalised basis

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Sustainable investments in farmland

name, Group Head of Farm Investments

Mission Statement

Alternative Investments are our passion:

Aquila Capital is committed to developing and delivering alternative investment solutions that are supported by macroeconomic fundamentals and offer the potential to generate uncorrelated, above average returns on a sustainable basis. The company’s philosophy is to create value in a changing world, in partnership with its investors and employees.

Alternative Investments


Company Publication

Aquila Capital at a glance (PDF)

Overview, Organisation, Milestones, Alternative Investments, Awards and Contact

The most important things in brief about Aquila Capital.

Company Publication

The Alternative Investment Company. Creating value in a changing world.

About our Alternative Investments, investment experts and infrastructure.

Established in 2001, Aquila Capital is a leading provider of alternative asset investments. The firm focuses on …